Press Release 11/19/20 Strat Interview

Press Release with key takeaways from an interview with Strat form 11/1/2020. Full audio is available on YouTube

What’s Rap Life????”, the EP

“Rap life????” is a play on the actual question. Is it rap life?

It is Strat’s reintroduction to the rap game. The essence of Strat is straight up lyricism and musical flame. Rap Life???? embodies that. 3 tracks of raw hip hop.

Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle are mentioned in “Jasmine” out of respect.

“Straturday Night Fever,” the EP

Strat recorded these tracks a few years back, and they had been sitting on the shelf until recently, when he decided to procure them as an EP. It’s a bit of the old Strat, but definitely worthy of the world to hear.

The title, of course, is a play on “Saturday Night fever”, and the disco. It’s meant for the clubs, the night life, and includes the ladies for the ride. You’re going to dance while listening to this project, but it still offers hard bars that MC’s can respect.

While the essence is the same, Rap Life???? and Straturday Night fever have some key differences as far as style and flow goes. When asked about what he learned… it shows in Rap Life???? that the flow is much more tight in his newer creations, mostly due to his major life change. Overall, the quality improved as Strat continues to make strides in the rap game.

“Conception II…the album

This is the first album by Strat since his reintroduction into the rap game.

“Conception II” is Strats baby, all of him… so far. It is his life in an album. “Conception II” shows the full slate of Strats style, production, lyrics and flow. While hip hop fans will appreciate Strat spitting straight fire, bangers, a golden collaboration with Felisa Latin Soul made for the lovers and the radio, Strat also does touch on social issues. From racism to the genocide of Native Americans and African Americans, Strat talks about his cultural background and the wrongdoings to his people.

“Conception II” tells a story and is meant to be listened to from front to back, so you can experience the ride. While Strat wrote this album, it was about pouring himself, his heart and soul into his art. During the process he learned to be himself, not worrying about what others thought. Thus allowing him to not hold anything back.


“Roootz” was definitely a different production style, more of an East Coast sound. “Roootz” embodies true lyricism. It’s that real real hip hop. It goes back to the roots of Strat, spitting bars and freestyling all night long.

While many people know Strat’s story… for those that don’t, he spent over 10 years in Denver before coming back to Rapid City his hometown, so in a sense he is going back to his roots.

Strat plans to keep on grinding, with even more new work coming soon. So make sure to sign up for email updates on the homepage to receive exclusives and special offers.

Hear ALL of Strat’s music on Spotify

Full interview available on Youtube

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